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Poem - Not The One

The poem “Not The One” was inspired by the song “What Do You Want From Me?” by Pink Floyd.

Not The One

I'm not the one you truly need
when the want becomes a lust
for what’s beyond normality
surrogate sought by the lost

presenting signs pointing up
to the past and future both
with the tenets soaked in blood
bruises black from wheel’s turn

no matter what I seem to say
look away from the pit
even as the sirens wail
from the shoals of whispered pain

there’s wisdom latent in the dark
camouflaged by assumptions
a forecast I must dissuade
unless you wish to lose your way

words conveyed from time’s past
murmurs of significance
should be view with mistrust
if those who lead are still lost

answers become the currency
consider where you may spend
what’s suspect with due warning
I’m not the one you truly need.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180503.
Tags: poem, wisdom

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