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Poem - Monsters Gather

The poem “Monsters Gather” is about the torture of anxieties.

Monsters Gather

When the monsters gather round
all too ready to devour
I seek safety in the shrinking light
while the danger consumes me whole
I'd rather perish from this place
escaping by means that should not be
than meet the shadows that would consume
certitude of happiness.

Anxieties can hold sway
over souls too hurt to try
bleeding from a thousand cuts
the gaping wounds I now ignore
this greatest laugh of them all
to be a failure in public's eye
is seen less than efforts put
to cleaning up the shattered past.

The bitter pill is swallowed fast
steel barrel put down the throat
marking breaks from monsters round
it's all to sad they'll multiply
celebrating their winning taint
result of my giving up
leaving battles that can't be won
by the survivors left behind.

My escape could be enough
serenity found outside of life
I'll tell myself this greatest lie
while monsters gather I cannot fight
I pretend that I'm OK
anxiety absent on the bright days
this would be true if the sun shown
instead of gloom where I walk.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180510.
Tags: anxiety, poem

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