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Poem - Hoax In Mirror’s Face

The poem “Hoax In Mirror’s Face” is about the struggle of the trans or enby experience.

Hoax In Mirror’s Face

Sometimes I gaze upon
reflections in the mirror's face
to verify that I appear
the hoax that people will accept

this version has been my shell
unease is the consequence
with reflections turned aside
as lies that I can’t abide

this body is not my own
even while the strands are wound
to form resemblance most concede
is normative to society

this form is merely adequate
to assume base happiness
while inside I live a curse
disconnect to soul’s discourse

the best of worlds is denied
if the feelings deep inside
scream against the solid walls
of a frame I can’t abide

nature has cast my lot
snakes eyes I’ve realized
from the dice that most can’t see
for the hoax in mirror’s face.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180525.
Tags: enby, poem

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