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Poem - Illusion’s Path

The poem “Illusion’s Path” is about the farcical nature of explicit erotic film or print material. Unrealistic expectations are extremely problematic as a statement of what could or should manifest in intimate situations.

Illusion’s Path

The images put to the page
promise more than life can bring
in short segments that defy
reality shared by culture’s breadth

one could ask how it began
standards set few can hold
in the body or act
illusion spun to ludicrous

proportions spun to the absurd
then presented as routine fare
far beyond what can be found
in the realm of normal life

comical would be the call
typified as clownish acts
except for the obsession found
in consumers of the tripe

that ivory tower few can climb
put to tape or printed sheet
stated as the standard found
taunting those walk below

still the plebes will attempt
to pursue the model set
stoking anger when they fail
to replicate illusion’s path.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180526.
Tags: porm, porn

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