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Poem - Intimate Stranger

A well known cos-player posted that many people around them were only acquaintances. I can relate in a much smaller way as I am really close to only a small handful of my 1,800 plus FB friends. So much of my life is shared on social media. How much of it is true? How much of it is clear? Only a few know. The rest are intimate strangers.

Intimate Stranger

I understand who you are
this is a falsehood in itself
still the familiar is present
an intimate stranger by fate's twist
one knowing other but not reverse
when a view is one way

postings put you on center stage
projected images from afar
too remote to count as friends
evoking emotions felt within
whispers that you'll never hear
on your island all can see

this one way mirror by social means
into a room of partial lies
only what you desire to show
stage dressing for effect
a drop of honesty may be there
with so much left out of sight

in the end what's been shown
is the fraction of a life
staged for ones like myself
the intimate becomes a sham
if only for sanity
so much is hid than is revealed.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180529.
Tags: poem, relationships

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