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Poem - Formally Known

The poem “Formally Known” was inspired by my friends who are discovering their identities.

Formally Known

Who they were is no more
formally known before passing
resurrected at the bequest
of one person, their very self
the butterfly is born to fly
from the form that came before
once thought the perfect shape
normality then transformed

the questing one journeyed far
beyond the walls that defined
security beloved by all
now the chains that hindered life
cast aside though some may ask
the garbs then worn to replace
manacles no longer bound
to discover freedom’s bliss

now the conflict has been resolved
the balance turned to find itself
when safeguards are not enough
what once nurtured is denied
disregarded for health’s sake
the deepest lies are unwound
when the mask is put aside
one shall live, the other dies.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180618.
Tags: poem, transgender

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