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Poem - The Road I’ll Show

A busy schedule, and the need to sleep, conspired together to keep me from posting on a particular day. The solution? I bookmarked the topic in my mind and then wrote a poem the next day. I suppose it was worth the wait as the poem had a lot to say!

The Road I’ll Show

I drew the map to reveal
consequence of the years
representing the result
of a track across strange lands
look to the dustbin of the past
to see the sketch I put aside
now the diagram fully accounts
for the blend that is my own

the journey seemed per-ordained
tradition asked for its due
requested template as a plan
the rails were laid by others’ hands
this declaration instructed me
a legend asking acquiesce
to the standards forever set
for the bearings and self hood

the north arrow pointed up
orientation normalized
towards the heavens of the saints
the forefather’s high mandate
there were rebels offering choice
on the sidelines of path well worn
I turned the pointer to instruct
the choice made for some of both

the citations came through chants
mantras stated once a week
these obliged me to genuflect
explanations filled my head
I sought to state another course
the source achieved through Ram Dass
look to the East instead of West
if you seek my religious source

the last came in latter years
a title put to gender’s stamp
the binary giving ground
relenting under dreams’ advance
direction took a turning twist
yet there I found my destiny
not without company
the map complete in its remake

now you see the end result
though large parts are still blank
discovery will by my guide
to pen the rest before I die
complete with notes scribbled in
‘there be monsters lurking there’
I’ll not worry because I know
the journey is the road I’ll show.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180623.
Tags: identity, poem

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