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Poem - Half a Bubble

The poem “Half a Bubble” is about the desire to escape from the constraints of the world. The world does its job to drag a person down, crushing them into a mold. There is an option to remain there. There is also an option to escape, if only for a heartbeat.

Half a Bubble

A half a bubble to the left
there is a place beyond this life
where existence blurs to blue
away from normal rules
stated logic bound to pacts
the promises made become chains
establishing norms all agree
are the black and white decrees

demanding respect in response
to derision cast upon
subjects looking to escape
from the hatred they endure
leering taunts from afar
faceless monsters seeking harm
or associates close at hand
with a lack of tolerance

invoking quests for safe ports
the odd grovel when they’re stuck
docility born of survivals gambit
to hide in sight of master’s ire
still the bubble seeks to shift
even though the pain is real
perhaps the reason is from this
need to prosper nonetheless

into dreams that are askew
no judgment offered in the blue
floating outside normal rules
not alone in the crowd
there are other reprobates
sharing natures that transcend
touching God to realize
half a bubble is adequate.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180628.
Tags: diversity, poem

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