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Poem - Lines of Blood

The poem “Lines of Blood” is about the testimonial power of poetry. The poet has the option of unburdening themselves through the stanzas they share.

Lines of Blood

These words are traced in lines of blood
calligraphy that few dare
when the worse becomes my best
evoked from realms far below

this ink evoked from split veins
pierced by wounds every day
the font is filled to overflowing
still not enough to share my life

each awaking becomes a toil
asking witness by my poems
this unburdening states my pain
shared by others who travel same

screams impressed in crimson dye
no longer silent as stanzas mount
to fill a space that all may see
what was concealed now freely bleeds.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180703.
Tags: poem, poetry

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