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Poem - Behind the Wall of Sleep

The poem “Behind the Wall of Sleep” is about the discoveries in dreams, revelations of the inner self.

Behind the Wall of Sleep

An audience of only one
views the feelings pouring forth
no longer filtered to repress
sentiments slumbering to awake
the emotions never truly die
instead they merely wait to state
about the truth contained in each
revealed behind the wall of sleep

society has a harsh regard
for the lives of other men
trotting out the fables spun
suppressing clarity found within
this only works in wakeful hours
condemnation fades away
when the onlookers exist within
watchers damning canon’s taint

subject to discovery
these denizens explaining all
placement with identity
while confirming latent depths
then rebirth becomes the norm
awareness stole from hateful scorn
emotions are the treasure found
stating more than waking knows.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180706.
Tags: poem, revelation

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