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Poem - Banners Fail

The poem “Banners Fail” is about the abrasive nature of depression. Sufferers may eventually quiet down, implying all is well, when it is very much not OK.

Banners Fail

The flags once whipped in the wind
thrown about by turmoil's teeth
while the motion caused concern
there was guidance in what was felt
surety in direction’s lead
first to west and then to east
this was the past once confirmed
by sightings that tugged the heart

the fraying began in plain sight
subtle to those who watched the signs
inconsequential by small measure
until the damage took its toil
the banners began to fail
as the colors fade away
threads lost to the savage gusts
diminished streamers no longer whole

storms lost their hold on the world
this was the lie of vision’s source
when indicators became mute
implying quiet instead of strife
hurricanes may be present
scourging souls without mercy
while the flags no longer wave
missing from their lofty perch.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180710.
Tags: depression, poem

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