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ATHF - The Year 9595

I am turketron, i have been sent here from the year 9595 to save this bird that lies before you.

For he is the great great great great grandfather of goblox. The turkey thats destined the lead the rebellion against the master chickens.
Do you know who goblox is? i will tell you who goblox is.

In the year 9595 a race of deformed turkey was genetically developed by chicken scientists as revenge against his bird brotha. These turkeys would exit the womb doused in gravy...GRAVY FILLED WITH THE JIBLETS from a monkey.
The french craved it, and as a result turkey became the only food source for france. Which is now called ROBOFRANCE 29. and then i was led to kill by the chickens, and so of course you can see why I'm angry at those chickens.
Do i sound familiar? OF COURSE i do, months and months ago i came upon your neighbor taking form of the cybernetic ghost of christmas past of the future. But i didn't realize your neighbor was an agent chicken in disguise...
sent from the year 19...sent from the year 19..9595.

FROM THERE, he had evolved big time. From beyond feathers their beaks had softened and they had acquired synthetic intelligence and appendages from the chicken black market on the moon.

Then i had to return and erase his mind, and MY mind as well. I had to be reformulated by rouge chicken scientists for the rebellion.
They crafted my sleek turkey body to allow safe passage through the time rift.

SOO in summation, the bird comes with me dead or alive. I must take the bird into the time rift to a time before he was cooked.
...............I'm waiting for the time rift to open, it could be anywhere, at anytime.

Is that a taco pie? TACO PIE!!! Enjoy those tacos now, for in a thousand year they will be illegal. AH ha eh ah haaaa...I think we all know why. Anti Taco legislation disestablishmentarianism. mmmm yum yum yum.

I really like the flow of this place, it screams party. Ya know, this last bite reminds me of a SEVERELY LONG STORY of how the chickens became the master race through a freak accident involving radiation. And interestingly
enough, a marshmallow..

Why do u have tube socks your a robot. EXCUSE ME, THOSE ARE WEAPONS!!! They are all laser guided and i get CRAZY if you touch them.

I need more wine, i shall require it to finish this severely long story.

WHOA is that a time rift, is a that a time rift over there? MOVE, hey get out of the time rift, you have no idea where this will send you.

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