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Poem - Shoals of Xanadu

The poem “Shoals of Xanadu” is about the life of self-discovery, one that leads to a desire to share the realized insights with others.

Shoals of Xanadu

I've waited decades to discern
the reservoir beyond the norm
liquid recess of humanity
home to creatures most deplore
varied ranges of experience
between the surface and deep abyss
these stratums called my soul
away from the province of safe shares

I longed to find my place
beyond the shoals of Xanadu
somewhere to call my home
where the beautiful monsters roam
brethren most would reject
are companions in varied depths
these fantasies beyond the veil
inspiring what I’ve become

more fay than humankind
this is my destiny
I share the discoveries
verifying the path within
for those who follow on
in the medians of the mind
central of east to west
away from secure shores

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180713.
Tags: discovery, poem

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