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It’s a Story!

One of the things I took away from MT school was the concept of human beings wrapping words around an experience. The term used in school was "that's my story". The story is the personal explanation of a perception. The story attempts to quantify and objectify the experience. This was necessary in MT because we were dealing with woo-woo energy stuff and everyone in the class was not able to integrate some explanations of the woo-woo  into their own belief systems.

So, I find the stories that people wrap around spiritual manifestations to be fascinating. My friend posted some symptoms of kundalini as presented by a Swami. The explanation was highly technical and specific. The psychic medium, the Shaman, the Witch and the Christian could have the similar experience (outward manifestations) and end up wrapping an entirely different set of words around it. It may not be the exactly the same experience, as the outcome does tend to follow intent, and the intent for each person can be different. However, it is probable that each person would have their own story for a very similar manifestation.

We humans seem to be addicted to our stories. As a friend noted, we have an intense need to name and label things so we can then understand them. Does the labeling of a woo-woo experience as “Kundalini” vs. “drawing down the Moon” make either more accurate? Probably not. What the labeling does do is capture the ecstatic moment into something that can be communicated to others, even as we seek to categorize it in our own minds.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
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