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Poem - Fiend’s Subjects

The poem “Fiend’s Subjects” is about all forms of prejudice that are concealed in the robes of holiness.

Fiend’s Subjects

From their mouth to God’s ears
asking for detachment
without realizing their patron
should be Satan for this grace
suggestions sent to deity
one or the other will answer
the Lord of Pits may respond
sensing souls that are corrupt

integration is most feared
over trials promoting growth
best to close the hallowed halls
against the aliens at the gates
us and them are designed
to separate the outsiders
pushing in on sacred space
asking nothing but some respect

perspective stated to assure
that life will shield the good folk
from a world that wears a face
all too different from their ranks
the result is normative
a gift bestowed that most reject
sulphur tainted, with a price
that God rejects the fiend’s subjects.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180724.
Tags: poem, religion

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