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Poem - Buried Past

The poem “Buried Past” was inspired by burning desires to leave dead names behind while a true life is pursued.

Buried Past

A name is just another a name
declaring presence in the world
one like the others when attached
except when the tag has elapsed

the harsh lie was not meant
as condemnation for a life
that rejects a hopeful gift
now found lacking deep within

the world applied its epithet
on the grave of buried past
even while the heretic
stepped away find their way

by the fluid or a pole
motive asks for a change
defining status at the core
enfolding all with rapt desire

more than an impulse some decry
a name abandoned with due thought
as another is brought forth
when accord is finally met.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180731.
Tags: poem, transgender

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