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Poem - Rivers Flow

The poem “Rivers Flow” is about the adventure of life. The metaphors of a river and clocks are embraced in consideration of the topic.

Rivers Flow

My life continues ever on
not yet ceased to manifest
in another day revealed
while moving towards a final end

Rivers flow to the sea
while taking detours occasionally
to view the sights along the way
before returning to the sea

this span welcomes expired souls
I’ll delay before that plunge
while terrain is explored
a fraction of the whole world

clocks move forward on their arc
be this numbers or a round face
I'll spend this time to good effect
knowing now is flashing by

looking backwards in the mind
or flashing forward to the void
one has passed to not return
the other visited by grace of God

I'm pulled along on this march
echoing river's meandering tone
while keeping pace with life's span
never stopping until the end.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180801.
Tags: life, poem

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