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Poem - Snapper’s Prompt

The poem “Snapper’s Prompt” is about my discomfort with the “sexy photo” side of photographic world. There are positive reasons for a model to participate in the production of adult leaning photography. Earning a living and embracing body positivity come to mind. In fact, I support those who are employed by the sex industry. I instead have concern with the photographers: peddlers and purveyors of the sexy photos. This may not make sense. I have a line of thought that helps explain this, though it is not a catch-all defense. I also embrace the submissive side of BDSM while being suspicious of those who play the dominate partner role. Truthfully, I don’t trust dominates as a whole. This applies to business and religion also. While the sub/dom relationship can be balanced and supportive for both parties, the door is WAY too opened to the dominate exploiting a situation. They ask for things that they can not deliver. Going back to photographer, they may ask for perfectly perverted beauty, but they may be plain and unattractive themselves. Their motivations are instead the photographer’s matched perversion. In my mind, for good or bad, I see the photographer as the dominate in the relationship between model and photographer. There can be good there (not all photographers, not all doms), but I am so very uncomfortable about where the abuses can go.

Snapper’s Prompt

The nipples stiffen against the gaze
by the eye that will project
skin revealed and rest promised
to a world thirsts for flesh
the camera driven to share so much
by the one that clicks the shot
with a goal less than pure
buying fame with lusting coins

the enterprise takes more than one
the subject seeking their renown
or a pittance for their part
expressing all to find their worth
it’s their face and body pressed
into service that angel’s dread
serving wants below the belt
yearnings itched by photographs

look not to Heaven for resolve
why the two feed a world
with one posing for all to see
the other hiding behind eyepiece
each with a reason to embrace
intimate natures most obscure
disclosing purest fantasy
shutter’s eye bears falsehood

that human nature to exalt
what’s not had near at hand
exploitation is firmly pressed
while the world looks away
then quick to gaze on the result
drinking in the honeyed taint
spun from flesh made erect
in response to snapper’s prompt.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180805.
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