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Poem - This Devotion

The poem “This Devotion” was inspired by an interaction with a friend. They asked if getting together for a bite would be OK. I said yes. Later my friend told me that they didn’t feel up to the meeting. I told them this would be OK as well. In my heart, I knew they were that type of friend who would break bread if I really had something urgent to share, and when I say urgent, I mean life-threatening.

This Devotion

To be a friend seems a chore
when the measure is pure joy
untroubled by the looming clouds
assuring rain will sometimes fall

be they tears from angel's eyes
sorrow cast for frailty
witnessed from a perfect place
that home where only departed reside

perfect unto themselves
only needing the Lord himself
to provide support and love
while on this plane the trials progress

here the rain mixes with blood
delivered from lanced veins
mixing in the low puddles
these abattoirs for humankind

unless some love is procured
from the founts of comradeship
extending cover from the storm
holding back the hands that stab

there a friend must join the struggle
forgetting perfection beyond the veil
work to hold the fragile ones
even if this devotion is a chore.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180808.
Tags: poem, struggles

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