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Poem - Excuse Me

The poem “Excuse Me” is about the vectors that can bring a soul to a dark place. I’ve experienced all of these, but one deserves a specific shout-out. I’m not aware of any one person who “hates” me for the alternative person I am. I am aware of 30-40% of the population that would see me as an enemy abomination pushing an evil agenda. Some number of those people would hurt me or lock me up if given the chance. Is this enough to dampen the will to live? It doesn’t help.

Excuse Me

Excuse me while I step away
in response to wicked prompts
asking for nothing less
than to remove the mortal coil
so many voices lurk within
each less valid than the next
still they pander all the same
to the doubts I'll now share

allow this space to be filled
by the qualified that exist
as I struggle to produce
deception is the end result
too much the fraud even though
results are stacked on the shelf
to quit would have no impact
when the better could substitute

the greatest sins are announced
on my head lest some suggest
goodness resides in who we are
damnation stated nonetheless
for the dogma put in books
abomination none should forgive
so says the wise from their heights
declaring rightness they embrace

at last the tiredness pools within
as the drive is sent away
no longer seeing beauty found
in all aspects of God's hand
the moorings have lost their hold
contracts written matter not
holding tight like morning mist
in the face of driving winds

at the end the lethargy
speaks with a voice I can't ignore
'lay your head on the earth
submit to struggles of the cursed'
then the stature is at end
condemnation has found its mark
when my strength deserts my soul
I'll step away in response.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180814.
Tags: depressed, poem

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