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Poem - The L Word

The poem “The L Word” is about the inclination to fall in love. This emotional state can spring into existence when there is no possibility for follow-through. The feeling is welcomed for visiting, showed the door, and life goes on.

The L Word

The L word leaped to mind
with no bidding to reply
to the pondering near at hand

prompted by a photograph
pixels waiting to betray
the quiet heart with dismay

this unexpected evidence
complicated beyond belief
is a desire I'd reproach

if only feelings were absent
I'd relish the soothing void
not disrupted by Cupid's bow

this distraction is a farce
the object stated out of reach
by the decades or relationship

still the L word leaps to mind
embracing 'yes' when I prompt
this reply should leave my life.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180815.
Tags: love, poem

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