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Poem - Evoking Gods

The poem “Evoking Gods” was inspired by a thought about puppets and strings. Free-form thinking led to a tale about submittal leading to rebellion.

Evoking Gods

Look for the strings above the head
attached to members that move about
marionettes by rod and cord
servants to the master’s call
manic moving to the tunes
played by lords beyond the veil
turn the ear lest they snatch
another victim to the dance.

Frantic yielding none can deny
when concession is dominant
temptation turned inside out
striving for what’s beyond
ask who will profit in the end
when the pawns become the norm
stooges yield to sovereign whims
interests merged as consequence.

Consider if fate has other plans
binds are challenged when blessings fail
twisting tethers into knots
resisted by rebellious souls
against these struggles the lines will snap
karma asking for the break
casting marionettes to earth
evoking gods in place of slaves.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180823.
Tags: poem, society

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