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Poem - Jericho

The poem “Jericho” is about the modern idols of society. The angel may wish for the false totems to be toppled. They will stand instead.


Jericho became my goal
salvation promised if I demurred
when the angel did appear
stating wishes from his Lord
the heathen idols were arrayed
gods of the people worshiped there
seeking dominance in the stead
of the Holiest they denied

red and blue of politics
reverence given to power’s throne
deifying the strong man
asking all to bend their heads
put aside the moral compass
turn instead to Bael’s dark wishes
look to the East for direction
corruption is the last instruction

a false savior strides the field
creating points that are found pious
victories accrued to satisfy
egos bloated in sad worship
worthy of the largest shrines
built for the young and the old
all praise is given by the wise
fallen souls when balls are thrown

the last idol will never fall
forever set in Jericho
business matters will supplant
all other measures of holiness
almighty dollar will always rule
no matter what the seraph says
none can resist the cha-ching
dominion given to those who prey

Jericho will always stand
in the grasp of guardians
those effigies to the scourge
separation from the Lord
heathen idols show the way
to the devout and the bored
begone angel before you succumb
to temptations beyond my God.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180825.
Tags: poem, religion

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