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Poem - Resignation

The poem “Resignation” is about the dark place that depressed people can go. The outsider may think things are “up” with the sufferer. The opposite is true.


Resignation comes with a smile
knowing all has been resolved
when the banquet celebrates
before the rest is permanent
the past gloom has been removed
a taint that none could abide
at last happiness fills the space
for a short time before the dusk.

A reticence will be present
hello-goodbye with some cheer
just the surface will be displayed
don't worry if this is the case
this defense is for the best
isolation demands this path
such that sadness may be detoured
from those hearts seeking more.

Still happiness is the goal
something more than past doom's show
exclaiming favor for all to hear
bravado shared in that brief time
a choice made of a path
brings cold peace to the heart
still distressed but with a goal
to depart at party's end.

Now the world has seen a smile
delivered as a parting gift
reconciling decisions made
against the need to circulate
a last toast to the crowd
ahead of shifting here to there
celebrations on this side
before the dark accepts a soul.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180829.
Tags: depression, poem

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