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Poem - Between the Lines

The poem “Between the Lines” is a poetic consideration about religion being the only source of morality. There is consideration that “true” atheists have no morals and are basically rudderless ships void of ethical direction. While I don’t claim to be atheist, the ones that I’m aware of are perfectly capable of leading ethical lives. Meanwhile, atrocities are carried out by those with motivations, and while a religion may temper the outcome, it does not guarantee that harm will not befall others.

Between the Lines

Morality flows between the cracks
stays the hand from evil acts
consider how this comes to be
from dogma’s fear or something else
the former seems to be true
though one may ask what promotes
adherence to a greater good
when the latter also kind

please don’t kill just anyone
taking blood to cure pure lust
with a lack of deity
some would seek a murder spree
this is fated, some would say
no boundaries set by fear embraced
the punitive is all that holds
strong malice from the human heart

this ascends the iceberg’s tip
so many more sins now await
no longer held by a dread
of what may happen when we’re dead
perhaps you spot a flaw in this
that some people can resist
running wild with no regard
even if they have no god

those other sins may intrude
the ones that are identity
not immoral when affirmed
outside the boundaries of a book
commandments laid at our feet
demanding more than few can meet
some restricted to belief
the others shared by decent men

more than worry of the law
instead a sense of what is right
sprung from souls that conspire
to steer their life between the lines
empathy becomes the tool
a golden rule to guide the fool
to conclusions that serve all
morality to fill a life.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180903.
Tags: morality, poetry

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