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Poem - God Will Speak

The poem “God Will Speak” was inspired by looking back at a 2007 blog entry I wrote about the nature of God according to my understanding.

God Will Speak

God will speak to my heart
using all my senses pressed
with a whisper from the world
the fullest breadth that I’ll observe

asking entry past the sin
that braggart seeking full focus
yelling loudly in response
to the trace of divine calls

I look beyond to glow
that realm embodying good and bad
with the ugly in between
the deity enfolding all

this entity that I don't own
almost neutral in its love
except for the joining of substance
with a purpose of finding self

stumbling forward in response
to illusion that confounds
separation by sin's trespass
deafness attendant as the curse

a million mouths still utter forth
truth embodied for all to hear
even as the end result
is babble finding truth in God.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180905.
Tags: poem, spirituality

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