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Poem - Echoes Evoked

The poem “Echoes Evoked” was prompted by the waking thought “dreams are made from memories”. I literally awoke with that poetic line in my head.

Echoes Evoked

Visions are made from memories
cast unbidden to consider
what will bubble from the depths
informing goals through history

echoes evoked in night’s dreams
behind the walls that none see
except for the witness asked to view
testament stated to relive

reminding the future of what may be
based of reveries of past days
what’s now lapsed will return
asking the dated to be reborn

the karmic asking for its due
chimera born of old and new
a destiny stated in fantasy
now the future will reminisce.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180908.
Tags: memories, poem

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