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Drama Yuck

I've stopped watching "Heroes". Why? I think it all goes back to the teaser ending from last season. It was implied that the power absorbing hero was going to go nuclear and kill everyone in an explosion. This should have tantalized me to watch the next season. It just turned me off. I was caring about the characters and did not want to see them all blown up. What did I do? I stopped watching it. I have been stashing the episodes on DVD (TIVO w/ built-in DVD burner = cool!). I'll catch up with them some day.

I find myself doing this with other shows. I stopped watching Battlestar Galatica because it was just too damn intense. The characters seemed to be expendable to the writers. Is there anything wrong with this? No. Shoot, this makes for high drama. The thing is that I don't enjoy this kind of TV.

You know what, I'm probably this way with the rest of my life. Drama-trauma makes me want to back up and move in another direction. It's good to know this about me. Recently I had to participate in a resolution to a mystery school conflict. While that chapter has passed, the drama inherent in the process makes a part of me want to run for the hills. Shoot, in the past I would have gone off the deep end. It is a credit to the mystery school for having facilitated a stronger sense of self-worth in me. It's a good thing, because I don't know what I would have done a coupla years ago under the same circumstances. Anyway, that's water under the bridge. The point is that drama-trauma of the situation is inclining me to back the heck up.

I'm not backing up. Why? The recognition of the trait allows me to consider if there are goals that I want to achieve that would be sabotaged by the retreat. There are goals that I have and hence I am sticking in there. I can't hold others to perfect behavior. Drama-trauma happens. People in general have a screw loose. I hold myself up as the model to this. Those screws can make life interesting, life drama-trauma, and all part of being human.
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