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Poem - Face of Grace

The poem “Face of Grace” is about the incredible value of friends in a depressed person's life. Their involvement may, at times, have minimal impact. The depression may not seem to relent. The sadness seems irreconcilable. The reality is that outcomes would be much sadder without involvement by life’s comrades. You are appreciated. Extra thanks go to fellow travelers who are able to share their similar stories. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone. Equal thanks go to those with belief systems that should conflict with mine. They still share a portion of their life with me. This is both magical and it speaks highly to my friend’s humanity. Whatever the stripe, my friends are truly the faces of grace in my life.

Face of Grace

Grace pursued me through the years
in the form of close friends
be they close enough to kiss
or at the end of nodding heads

each had a gift to impart
against which I sometimes fought
treasures are held within
even when if the mind demurs

all the years of sadness spawned
from the despair of waking life
melancholy of the heart
in place of joy that most command

often pushed to the side
that was the sickness you’ll understand
whispering lies that seem concrete
until my friends have their say

the greatest thanks goes to those
who persevere even when
my ideation is a daily crush
crushing life between the smiles

confirming value lost within
or just forgotten in the tears
confusion sheds with their love
the face of grace in my life.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180929.
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