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Oct. 20th, 2018 @ 10:20 am Poem - They Linger
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The poem “They Linger” was written for the prompt, “give me scary and creepyminimum.” The end result is about the zombie apocalypse.

They Linger

Perhaps they linger to resolve
the pain received while alive
wishing vengeance the mortal shirk
by equal measure plus much more
perfection sought where there was none
sorrow begs for Devil’s course

holy orders have no defense
when revenants ask for their due
demand revenge in return
no dis-allowance of their rage
retaliation behooves revenge
as the living join their ranks

now the few are the damned
huddled in the fading light
knowing fate will be a curse
escaping peace of the grave
the invitation is a gift
walking dead will persist

don’t despair if you’re the last
the pound of flesh will be withdrawn
before the coming of the dawn
the once-reviled become the norm
long enduring are deceased
this land without a living soul.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181020.
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