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Poem - For One Day Only

The poem “One Day Only” was inspired by the phrase prompt “For one day only”. My apologies for the incredibly dark subject matter, but “one day only” would mean an escape from ideation and dread of the future.

For One Day Only

For one day only I’ll be alive
instead of seeking the other side
at the prompt of a dark force
to live without the urge to leave
denying gifts I’m meant to hold
in mortal danger to my soul

perhaps the hours could resolve
with the blessings of the gods
an inner war of light and dark
inspiring envy for the dead
the sun’s journey could remove
this sickness felt for too long

just not a distraction in a breath
this is the norm before the weight
of ruminations descend again
dire reflections tumbling round
without an avenue to escape
other than dark egress

just one day would be a relief
an exodus to light’s domain
reassurance of living grace
to know hope lays beyond
replacing dark with the blue
gone are shadows in my life

this dream will have the last laugh
even as the dusk descends again
the cruelest jest I’ll not survive
gifted by the capricious god
that one day only that I’m alive
a lifetime spans beyond the time.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181023.
Tags: depression, poem

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