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Poem - Children of a Lesser God

The poem “Children of a Lesser God” was inspired by a prompt of the same words. I find hope in the upcoming generations, a hope that is all but lost in my generation.

Children of a Lesser God

Look to the youth for your hope
when the despair seeks a hold
whispered lies of greater gods
those elders that deny the truth
lesser spirits extend their boon
denying elders that intrude
on the affairs of mortal chaff
that have forgotten magic’s hand

even as the light may fade
there is an ember to be had
worship based on much less
than power’s hold on the heart
dark pushed back by the wish
reverence for lesser traits
gentle healings instead of strength
this is the mantra young possess

incense burned on altar’s face
drifting skyward to imbue
discernment of what came before
now cast aside to bring the dawn
borrow what they can provide
these children of a lesser god
stripped of idols from the past
their faith delivered saves the world.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181027.
Tags: hope, poem

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