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Oct. 28th, 2018 @ 05:17 pm Poem - Not Meant to Be
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The poem “Not Meant to Be” was prompted by the challenge of talking to somebody you know, sat down in a chair, and listening to brutal sharing. The poem is a rework of a 2015 poem about writing a letter with similar thoughts. This poem comes with an important disclaimer. These are not the words I would share with a possible person today, but they do reflect where I was in the distant past.

Not Meant to Be

I met you and I knew
with no doubt in my mind
a future waited to be had
you were to be the only one
matching parts that would fulfill
questing gaps in my soul

listen to this beseeched rant
uttered once before you go
a message I have weighed
in the dark where thoughts play
between the spaces of pure joy
when you were absent from my world

the reason for this certitude
matters little to my soul
the impossible matters not
the end is the same to me
dark mood consumes me whole
remedy removed from my hands

you would complete me
fill the whole of inner space
puzzle pieces come as one
in life's grand scheme
and now this hole will remain
this vacancy at my core

the thrashing of a wanting heart
grounded wings of fervent love
shaking fists at the divine
knowing you wish to far
this maze of mirrors that frustrate
so close perhaps but now so far

you’ve become unattainable
I’ll speak no more with my words
tears blind my eyes and choke my throat
as intentions tear my heart
leave before I’m totally lost
sincerely the one not meant to be.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181028.
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