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Poem - Denies the Bloom

The poem “Denies the Bloom” is a cautionary poem about the timing of romance.

Denies the Bloom

The greed for fruit denies the bloom
for what came before to produce
the product eaten as a food
proceeded by the floral wooing

though it’s fragile without compare
without the gift to satisfy
fulfillment will arrive in time
when the order is not denied

appetites that range afar
from the bland to hot desires
all must wait for the day
when bounty follows promised growth

hunger denies the stoic pace
first the love and then the taste
elders offer sagacity
beware what grows if cravings reign

the bounty found without regard
to the cycles that mark love
will produce the poisoned prize
a victory lap before the race

it’s not that carnal is disallowed
all is consumed in due time
when the flowers are pursued
to produce fruit that’s succulent.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181118.
Tags: poem, romance

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