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Poem - Madness Absent

The poem “Madness Absent” is about the relief I’ve found when I stopped drinking diet sodas. The aspartame appears to give me VERY BAD mood swings that ultimately feed my ideation.

Madness Absent

Madness absent presents a void
where only tiredness may prevail
along with ghosts that circumscribe
the issues that still haunt my life

the ideation is put aside
no longer present at all times
a long reprieve from the call
from the darkness of the void

when sanity was found at last
from a source that I’d not expect
the fog of doom is finally pierced
to reveal normality

the journey becomes one of days
small diversions hand-in-hand
with the grind I now embrace
less excitement of death’s hint

now the years stretch ahead
demanding more than past lack
it’s enough to turn back
find a way to mania

here's the joke before you go
if ideation is all one knows
spice provided is then missed
neurosis gone is for the best.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181120.
Tags: depression, poem

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