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Poem - Narration Phrased

The poem “Narration Phrased” was prompted by a request to speak of dissension and fear in the streets.

Narration Phrased

Narration phrased at the start
a conversation held in chains
with the rules that show the way
to conclusions already made
compromise is put aside
when the righteous already know
how the game should unfold
on the battlefield of the soul

divide and conquer is the norm
advocated for a cause
while the insane masquerade
as the prudent with steady hand
wishing unity on their terms
now that the past is put aside
no compassion if the outcome
when dissension is put down

starting fresh is for the best
before the power is forfeited
there is no shame in holding place
lest the balance claims the day
predominance above all else
all drive decisions that were moral
damn the dogma of the past
secure the levers that drive the world

violence is another word
for the protest that’s incurred
when past silent are then heard
on the streets and by the word
no longer should we be content
to abdicate with talking heads
now that it’s clear narration holds
society as the biggest fool.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181122.
Tags: poem, society

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