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Poem - Before Dawn

The poem “Before Dawn” was prompted by a request to write about the slipping away of somebody close to you.

Before Dawn

They slipped away before dawn
the cloak of darkness cast aside
leaving echoes of desires
the whispered moans forever lost

furtive groans that belayed
a dialogue that could have led
two lost souls to reconcile
lifetimes apart in mere words

morning came without a sign
except for the absence by my side
where the warmth has been replaced
by the chill I know quite well

perhaps the gods were asked
for too much as consequence
of finding solace in two arms
while wanting more outside of lust

this companion found by fate
roll of the dice convened a pair
when loneliness was put aside
to spite the pain of solitude

comfort grasped as a prelude
to the end that will conclude
one to another seeking aid
consolation that fades away.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181123.
Tags: love, poem

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