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Poem - Awake the Day

The poem “Awake the Day” was loosely inspired by the quote “Every day that involves dancing is a good day.”

Awake the Day

Awake the day for another dance
with yourself or another one
both are appropriate to express
rapture is borne in little deaths
music casts the dulcet spell
soothing melodies for languid times
enfolding those who play within
no need to rush before the end

look to the petals for encouragement
a path for those dulled from past rest
color flushed to show the way
beauty hidden now revealed
nectar plucked from within
rewards for the doting blessed
by the gods of nature’s realm
pleasure is their due refrain

the melodies are whimpered forth
weeping in frolic’s space
with no care of who may hear
explanations of joy’s embrace
tears spilled in the promenade
asking only for another time
to wake the day for a dance
celebration of life’s caress.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181218.
Tags: dancing, poem

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