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Poem - The Heretic

The poem “The Heretic” is about the non-normative people finding a place in a larger society. Not only can they find a place, they can also transform expectations while providing an education of what could be.

The Heretic

I’ll bend the stated normative
illustrate where life may twist
when staid measures no longer hold
to behaviors close to my heart

these deviations that bear no malice
instead they are instinctive actions
this honesty I’ll not regret
if just one person comprehends

an illustration for all to view
center stage with little hype
as the outlier is of the tribe
familiarity outweighs the freak

when the extremes become standard
capitulation is the result
acceptance spurred by the loop
exotic turned into routine

divergence granted for the crowd
while acting as balm to the soul
the normative is then transformed
to include the heretic.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181220.
Tags: alternative, poem

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