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Poem - Their Tombs

The poem “Their Tombs” was loosely inspired by a portion of “The Stand”. The homes of the dead had their curtains drawn close. One of the characters, giving over to the evil side, also kept their house closed to the world.

Their Tombs

The headstones mark the homes
of those who have left this world
even as they still exist
with the semblance of mortal life
now their tombs hoard the dark
like the miser storing gold

there was a time for death
putting aside the painful parts
sadly the sum may hold life
away from the prying light
asking bones move about
when ashes hold their fire

what's thought dead will remain
in the cold comfort of the grave
unless the spark is given hope
when the lid is opened up
allowing something more than grief
beyond the press of misery.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190114.
Tags: depression, poem

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