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Sight of Skin

The poem “Sight of Skin” was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend regarding social dancing. They had an attractive backless top on. I learned that my friend had a policy of only showing a certain amount of skin with each outfit. The options were back, front, and legs. The total sum of skin shown could not exceed an amount set by my friend’s choice. Why? They had found that guys were “triggered” by a threshold of skin shown. Too much, and the guys would make assumptions. The is followed by the guys being far too forward (handsy). I remarked that a guy would have to be almost naked before this happened to them. My friend agreed but mused that their choice of garments was driven by the unfortunate factor that guys operated by different rules.

Sight of Skin

Show the flesh with a care
lest the action provoke flares
from the gender without control
when the skin is on display
ration out the eye treats
too much is bad for the health
as the hands seek their prize
solely based on prideful lust

there are options across the board
back or front may be exposed
consider legs as separate
just enough goes a long way
almost all should be a right
caution calls for much less
it's not the fault of those
who wear garments for themselves

the masculine may have their charms
wise restraint not one of those
when the female makes a choice
to show their gifts to the world
perhaps libido is the term
it's more likely that privilege
rears it's head at the chance
to press forward at sight of skin

an invitation is then assumed
while not given before the hands
take unkind liberties nonetheless
exploring realms without permit
the only recourse left to take
is unfair to those who shine
hiding beauty because of oafs
are triggered by the sight of skin.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190118.
Tags: intimacy, poem

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