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Poem - Wary of Opposite

The poem “Wary of Opposite” is about my largely unfounded distrust of the sadist side of BDSM. As a card-carrying masochist, I really don’t trust the mentality of the sadist side of the equation, especially when that person is a male. This perception is revealed to be a strong personal opinion when I look closely at the dynamics. A sadist can be a woman. A sadist is the “giver” in the power equation. In theory, they could be receiving little from their participation in any given act. Additionally, the masochist can be perceived to have their personality challenges, some ‘worse’ than that of the sadist. With all that said, I am still left with being wary of the opposite. I’m only seeing the twisted mirror of personal reference and slanted bias.

Wary of Opposite

The sufferer must have their match
the one to complete the dream
of feeling more than life can share
in the space of fevered dreams
while the lash may find its mark
accompanied by the scourge

there is a person who facilitates
the press of leather to the flesh
they feel no discomfort in the act
except to tire from the toil
the thrill must be somewhere else
this may be feared if not pure

beware the one who holds the leash
or snaps the crop to bring the pain
they may indulge in bad faith
even as they serve a need
beyond the veil of scenes played out
where does the urge to hurt extend?

what curtails the sadist's need
to bring distress to all things?
these are the questions of concern
that play across my yearning mind
a masochist during play
I’m wary of the opposite.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190122.
Tags: bdsm, poem

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