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Poem - Cute Were a Pill

The poem “Cute Where a Pill” was inspired by an instance when I wore a very sleek black pencil dress. I personally felt quite sexy in it as I tapped into how I would like to present myself and my attributes. The actual presentation was something else. A dear friend said that I looked handsome. I said that I wanted to be cuter. Sexy was not equating with cute, and I’ve expressed in prose the struggle I’m experiencing.

Cute Were a Pill

If only cute were a pill
to be taken on a whim
I’d have a bottle near at hand
to imbibe when nature calls
handsome is the normative
good enough for most days
still the angst is realized
when something more is desired

shirking off the past mantle
history stacked upon today
asks its due when the urge
to bedazzle comes forward
stepping out the winsome looks
hitting all the high notes
surely this may be chased
when the enchanting is embraced

perhaps this is too much
asking why the itch is there
judgment raising its concern
to be put out to the curb
there are reasons for the thirst
chasing images clearly seen
promoted by society
these are options to be clutched

cuteness springs from within
it’s not sourced from a pill
pharmaceuticals aren’t enough
to project gorgeous looks
instead the push is in the mind
wearing the outward to impress
the choices made are personal
provoking beauty to be observed.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190215.
Tags: beauty, poem, transgender

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