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Poem - As Lunacy Shows

The poem “As Lunacy Shows” is about the life alternating decisions made outside of the grounded sanity of a conservative existence.

As Lunacy Shows

Perhaps insanity finds what’s sought
unveiling layers beneath the crust
shifting cards to reveal
the sum of life that’s been concealed
some assurance would be nice
that a percentage will be left
of the life I had before
when the journey runs its course

from the top of the heap
to place in-between
elevation left behind
in pursuit of so much more
madness may be the cue
if only life would let me know
whisper something other than
deviation from the norm

the world used to go my way
that layer crumbled anyway
even then I can’t blame
the vagaries of consequence
that pushed me from that place
because the folly had been set
as lunacy shows me the path
beyond the calm that couldn’t last.

2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190219.
Tags: poem, transgender

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