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Poem - Ask the Wind

The poem “Ask the Wind” is a second work based on a friend’s comments about slut shaming. The poem focuses on the causes of the unkind actions by both the tarnished perpetrators and the accidental, and as harmful, accusers.

Ask the Wind

Ask the wind why men condemn
others for the choices made
the response would damn the rest
casting salt upon the earth
expressions not meant for the whole
yet still the statements issue forth
longing for the sweet succor
while damning same without reserve

the mundane is to blame
with patriarchy at its heart
weaving webs that will ensnare
comeliness it must condemn
wanting beauty for its own
jealousy of what’s beyond
the avarice that spins the lies
while rutting wildly behind the blinds

in the end the references
understanding of the whole
elude the ones that could rescue
victims for the monsters’ hold
isolation spawning ghosts
sad reflections seeking truth
entrenching anguish even while
the snares evolve to strike once more

these crude statements illustrate
the fevered minds behind the lies
from a world that is obsessed
blinded in a judgment's mire
society is blown away
those standards set by dogma's rule
even while the lusts prevail
striking down the innocent.

2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190221.
Tags: judgement, poem

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