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Poem - While I Stray

The poem “While I Stray” was based on the thought that everyone is loosely molded by society. It is the individual’s choice how to respond. I have amazing friends that stand as examples of how to live their own path. I hope to be an example to others.

While I Stray

Society will have its say
nudging with a plan in mind
conjecture based on habit’s bane
away from where I’d like to be
placing options along the way
that range between two extremes
when something else is my choice
as acceptable by my decree

suggestions set as a trap
with no warning clearly seen
this is the start for what’s beyond
nothing more and nothing less
except for those who ask for more
deviate from the plotted course
seeing love for what was meant
the best put forward is still wrong

the mold is set by the gods
with hints applied at time of birth
the whole of earth is their domain
with set choices as consequence
it’s from this place I’ll fly away
with the hints put in place
how I could be if I had stayed
foundation kept while I stray.

2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190223.
Tags: identity, poem

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