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Poem - Snake Eyes

The poem “Snake Eyes” is about the attempts made to escape this thing called life. The poem was inspired by a Tumblr photo of a shopfront with the store name “Hauntings”. A neon sign flashed in the window. The words “99 cent Dreams” lured the buyer to an unknown fate.

Snake Eyes

The dreams came too cheap
with a price none should meet
even though the sign announced
the trivial paid instead of life
advertisements of the end
disguised as hopes none shall have

while angels cry from on high
knowing souls will be lost
flashing in the neon lights
dyed red by the past
bloody ink that won’t wash out
luring futures to their doom

the game is on in the back
all can play while none shall win
to escape is the goal
straight into traps set by lies
rattled dice against the curb
tempt the marks out of luck

spouting promises that can’t be kept
even as the die is cast
snake eyes will be the draw
nothing is given for all too much
rest the bones now that the cheat
has had their way in the end.

2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190224.
Tags: poem, temptation

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