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Poem - Only a Kiss

The poem “Only a Kiss” is a ranging examination of the act of kissing.

Only a Kiss

If only a kiss were small enough
meant to spice up a life
I'd have more of the precious gift
engage with lips I'd like to touch

the affection shown would be true
stating feelings felt within
though not on the scale of love's bloom
a measure by which all are judged

here's the challenge of my tale
one step leads to the next
the passion stirred may want more
than a peck that starts it all

admiration has other ways
a hug or nod may be enough
even though a smooch would delight
rise a day above the rest

all of this is said with a wink
when the memory is obsolete
lost from sight like the years
the thrill of lips lost in-between

now the kisses are a dream
even if their size were gently squeezed
still my dreams may insist
that spice exists nonetheless.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190225.
Tags: kissing, poem

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