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Poem - In Due Time

The poem “In Due Time” was loosely inspired by the cover of the Black Sabbath album cover for "Sabotage". The band members were so young. Now, well, their music is still fresh.

In Due Time

The time of youth in lost years
was a period just as real
as the ones experienced

by the young of today
repetition of the themes
echoes quietly in the halls

as the past is disbelieved
in the faces of the antiques
loves and losses took a toil

the stumbling steps to joy’s realm
are renewed once again
each endeavored with the same

as the period must recur
even though it seems absurd
look to the young to see the old
in due time they’ll return.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190226.
Tags: aging, poem

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