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Poem - The Changes

The poem “The Changes” was inspired by a drawing of a lady, seen in silhouette, walking away while cutting off her hair. The implication is that her actions is part of a journey of the self. I fully support my friends who want to take actions in this vein.

The Changes

The changes would invoke
attention to my character
first a glance and then more
reacting to the nature shown
the hair does not define
identity of the whole
nor does the fabric worn
on the flesh now its home

we are so much more
than sad boxes to be escaped
cheered on by the thoughts below
the fashion helps to heal the wounds
this estimate of the effect
is mine to gauge as the rest
offer thoughts in their minds
sometimes stating the same out loud

depending on the life shared
elements are brought forth
the same occurs across the aisle
to inform the travelers
these attempts to adjust
a relationship with the world
contradict the wisdom grasped
that change within is enough.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190303.
Tags: poem, transgender

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